Giving The Injured a Voice

Turn To Us For Guidance Regarding Hospital Or Nursing Errors

Nurses often have more contact with patients than physicians. Depending on the hospital and its specific situations, nurses can be overworked and poorly trained. Nursing errors caused by negligence, bad training or fatigue may cause serious injuries to patients. At Oliver & Reichel, P.A., we help people and their families who are injured by nursing errors.

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a nursing or hospital error, please call an attorney from Oliver & Reichel, P.A., to arrange a complimentary case evaluation. We can be reached at 913-826-6202. We use our vast experience to provide injured people with a voice and an opportunity to be heard.

A Breakdown In Communication

Miscommunication between shifts, between nurse and doctor, between department and department, and even between doctor and doctor may lead to hospital errors. As such, human error can override even the most sophisticated advancements of modern medicine.

Nursing Errors That Seriously Harm Patients

At Oliver & Reichel, P.A., we are vigorous advocates for people who have been injured by hospital or nursing errors. Whether the errors occur because of carelessness, bad communication, or fatigue, they are always unacceptable. Our firm strives to hold negligent hospitals and nurses accountable for errors that seriously harm patients. In particular, nursing errors are commonly found in actions such as:

  • Medication errors, such as the wrong dose or administering medicine to the wrong patient
  • Incorrect use of a medical device
  • Failure to communicate a patient’s change in condition to the doctor
  • Performing procedures not trained to do
  • Failure to respond to a patient in a timely manner

Fatal Nursing Or Hospital Errors

If you have lost someone you love because of a nursing error, our firm can discuss the possibility of bringing a wrongful death suit. We respond compassionately to people during this emotional time and seek fair compensation for your loss. Contact Oliver & Reichel, P.A., online or call our lawyers at 913-826-6202 to learn how we can help.