Giving The Injured a Voice

We Can Guide You Through A Spinal Cord Injury Claim

The central nervous system, consisting of the spinal cord and brain, controls most functions in the human body. At Oliver & Reichel, P.A., we represent individuals who have sustained spinal cord injuries or paralysis due to medical malpractice, including surgical errors. We seek compensation that allows the injured person to continue enjoying life as they did before their spinal cord injury.

If you or someone you care about has suffered a spinal cord injury because of medical malpractice, please call an attorney from Oliver & Reichel, P.A., to arrange a complimentary case evaluation: 913-826-6202. We use our vast experience to provide injured people with a voice and an opportunity to be heard.

The impact of a spinal cord injury depends upon where the nerve damage occurred. For instance, if the injury happened at the neck, a person’s arms and legs may become paralyzed and the person may require a respirator to breathe. They may have a loss of bladder control and other functions. This is a condition known as quadriplegia. Our firm helps individuals recover compensation for spinal cord damage that results in such severe injuries.

Making Accommodations And Adjusting To Your New Circumstances

It may be possible to continue doing the things you enjoyed before your spinal injury. The compensation our firm seeks will be fair and enduring. A spinal cord injury will require you to make changes to your home, office and car, and may also require in-home care or other services. When you have suffered a severe injury, your voice needs to be heard. Our firm truly identifies with the needs of our injured clients and vigorously strives to help meet their needs.

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