Giving The Injured a Voice

Were You Given The Wrong Medication?

When prescribed and administered correctly, medicines can save or sustain life and prevent sickness. However, when a medicine is prescribed or administered incorrectly by a physician, nurse, pharmacist, or other medical professional, the results can be tragic. Oliver & Reichel, P.A., represents people who have been injured by medication errors and family members who have lost a loved one because of such an error.

If you or someone you care about has been injured by a medication error, please call 913-826-6202 to speak with an attorney from Oliver & Reichel, P.A., to arrange a complimentary case evaluation. We use our vast experience to provide injured people with a voice and an opportunity to be heard.

There are a number of factors that can contribute to a medication error: A breakdown in communication, general carelessness, or hospital and nursing errors. At Oliver & Reichel, P.A., we help individuals and families who are affected by medication errors such as:

  • Incorrect prescription
  • Incorrect administration
  • Medication overdose, resulting from frequency, amount or dosage
  • Medication given to the wrong patient
  • Allergic reactions that a doctor did not ask about or consider
  • A misdiagnosis that lead to a medication error
  • The doctor or pharmacist not having current information about a drug recall
  • A doctor’s bad handwriting, omitting a decimal point or other measurement miscommunication
  • The wrong label being placed on the package by the manufacturer or the pharmacist

We also represent nursing home residents who have been hurt because of errors in medication. These are serious acts of negligence that can result in brain damage, heart attacks and even death.

Fatal Medication Errors

If you have lost a loved one because of a medication error, our firm can help. We offer compassionate representation in response to your tragedy and will thoroughly analyze the potential liabilities. Contact Oliver & Reichel, P.A., online, or call us at 913-826-6202 to speak with a lawyer.